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America Chews on Conspiracy Bits, As CIA Wars Rage On Around the World

America"Celebrates" Murder of a US President, While "Conspiracy Theories" Consistently Poo-pooed by Mainstream Media
 While the world stands back in horror and wonder at our American ability to thrive in a self-fulfilling fever of war & terror, our media & leadership seems to have conditioned us to accept the "celebration" of mind-boggling crimes, such as the murder of a beloved President, the bombing of NYC & demolition of skyscrapers, while proclaiming how "great & enduring" our society is.

Notice how nearly every broadcast and article on this 50 year memorial of JFK's murder call in to question the very existence of "conspiracy theories" while avoiding the actual evidence itself:

We've noticed how nearly every broadcast an interview in the past two weeks begins & ends with the "single shooter conspiracy" which realistically, seems the most implausible of all. Oswald & Ruby both embroiled in CIA, mob, military, KGB, mix it all in to the insanity which has girpped the nation for 50 years now.

The Warren Commission on inspection is a flawed and convenient band-aid on justice at best, almost certainly a cover-up of Orwellian proportions.

The real-world facts remain what has unfolded since JFK was murdered in the most public manner: The CIA has grown & thrived, with a Texan family called the Bushes having their name on the headquarters, having seized the Presidency themselves (twice), embroiled the nation in global wars both covert & extreme, under whom a massive terror network has arisen, the war machinery now acceptable as our primary culture.

War, war, war, Strangelovian, Orwellian, whatever label you may put on it, war will always be the industrial killing of other human beings, in a value system which can be summed up as "by any means necessary." This is who we have been mind-warped, conditioned, terrorized into being, celebrating, proclaiming our rightness.

Yet the festering wounds in the fabric remain unhealed, poisoning the bloodstream of the entire planet. We are incensed over NSA snooping on our computers, but accept the CIA puppeteering the government & economy. In fact, since "Covert Affairs" had it's series finale last night, the night before JFK's assassination, we can say we love our CIA "storytellers."

The JFK conspiracy is just the surface "scab" on the vast SECRET government and corporatist war history which remains hidden beneath the surface of our "American spectacle."

Perhaps the greatest "smoking gun" of the new millennium is the demolition of World Trade Center 7 (WTC7) on Sept 11, 2001. A 47-story super-structure which housed the CIA, which was NOT hit by any planes or bombs, yet collapsed in molten free-fall, with no explanation, or media coverage. In fact, notice today, the media will not even mention its existence.

This is the "conspiracy" that refuses to be buried, or chopped up & shipped off the China with the rest of the evidence.